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Unleash your physical and cognitive potential

How the system works

How it works

  • Step 1
    A wireless sensor on the arm measures your glucose levels 24/7
  • Step 2
    Your app will analyze the data and provide personalized recommendations in real-time
  • Step 3
    Achieve your peak performance by optimizing nutrition and lifestyle.

What recommendations we give

Morning oatmeal resulted in a drop in energy at 1pm
Based on the accumulated data over the past week, the apple prior to your workout ensures you have the energy to endure heave loads and mitigate excessive stress
Adding a palm size serving of complex carbohydrates with your dinner increases your sleep efficiency by 15%

Добавив в вечерний прием пищи крупу или бобовые, ваше восстановление во время сна вырастет на 15%.


Кажется, овсянка сегодня утром стала причиной вашего упадка энергии в 13:00


Судя по накопленным данным, яблоко перед тренировкой позволяет вашему организму выдерживать бóльшие нагрузки с меньшим напряжением.

Why choose Aspect

Proven technology

Olympic champions and entrepreneurs from Silicon Valley use similar techniques to optimize their performance

360 Approach

Aspect connects glucose data with sleep quality and activity from other wearables. A complete picture allows us to create a highly personalized game plan and avoid bias.

Your needs are our priority

A personal health coach will help you to integrate recommendations from the app into your usual daily routine

Get two glucose sensors and access to the app

Start controlling your metabolism and energy levels

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Why we pay attention to glucose

Glucose levels affect energy levels and cognitive abilities. Peaks and falls during the day can cause fatigue and drowsiness

The body converts excess glucose into fat — by controlling the intake of carbohydrates, you can maintain a healthy weight and a highly  efficient metabolism

Glucose is a very active molecule that can damage proteins and tissues in the body. This leads to the development of chronic diseases and accelerates aging

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Who already uses
glucose monitors


Professor at Harvard Medical School, author of the bestseller "Lifespan: Why We Age – and Why We Don't Have To"


Neuroscientist, professor at Stanford University, author of The Huberman Lab podcast


CrossFit Games

The technology used by well-known entrepreneurs, CEOs of the largest companies, and professional athletes is also available to you

Our client’s opinion

Valentin Bloch
Photographer and director

"Because of the stress at work, I have problems sleeping and gaining weight. I tried to solve this problem and went to the gym. But I had the feeling that the coaches there don’t delve into the essence of the problem.

And then I met health coach Gleb...

I began to monitor the sugar level and regulate my diet according to his recommendations.
In 1.5 months, I lost 15 kg, began to sleep much better and was able to control my physical and mental state during the day more consciously. For the first time in my life, I do not doubt the person’s qualifications who helps me with this. Thanks to the team!"

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Stas Rudenko

"Thank you to Gleb and the team for the health coaching service! I managed to discover entirely new things in nutrition. For example, that  slower acting carbohydrates, in my case, instantly increase glucose levels.

It is beneficial not just to know some things...

in theories, but also to see them on charts reflecting your condition. It motivates you to change something.
Thank you very much for this experience. We will continue!"

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Why should I measure glucose levels all the time? I took tests — my glucose levels are normal.

Normal glucose levels in the morning (on an empty stomach) are signs of metabolic health. But the glucose level varies during the day significantly: it depends on the food, your activity, stress, sleep quality, and many other things. Only monitoring glucose levels throughout the day allows you to track its dynamics and adjust nutrition and physical activity. This way, you can see which foods lead to sharp spikes in glucose - it's better than following a universal healthy diet. You will see the connection between different types of activity and your condition and feel glucose’s effect on sleep and energy levels. Quick feedback from the application will allow you to develop healthy habits.

How are glucose sensors attached, and how convenient are they?

The kit includes two sensors, each designed for 14 days of operation. The sensor is attached painlessly to the hand and does not interfere with regular activity: you can sleep with it, exercise, go to the shower and pool. Information from the sensor is transmitted to the smartphone and analyzed by the Aspect application.

How long does it take to set up a healthy lifestyle?

It depends solely on you. For someone, a month will be enough to see the basic patterns and consolidate new habits. But others will need more time to check how the new model works and make adjustments

What is the role of health coaches?

Program participants may have different goals: to reduce weight, cope with fatigue and burnout, increase energy levels, reach peak working or athletic fitness, or protect themselves from chronic diseases. Health coaches will help you create an individual program based on your requests and focus on your indicators. The participant's package includes two personal meetings with a health coach and constant chat support.

How to become a member of the program?

Click on the "Request access" button and leave your contact details. Our manager will contact you shortly.